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Denise Austin yoga for weight loss – one of the most important trends in fitness.

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The yoga — is complete system of preparation of a body to childbirth. Using specially picked up complexes of asanas you will open for itself a pleasant source of increase of force and elasticity of your muscles and joints, strengthenings of a backbone, elimination of pains in a back.

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We spend a lot of time behind a desktop and, unfortunately, in most cases we sit incorrectly. The typical position of the woman looks so: the basin is inclined forward, and the waist is bent. In other words, the majority of us sits on the back parties of hips and podjyagodichny folds. And the most sad that in such static – and wrong! – situation we sometimes are the whole day. Read More →

Chakras — it is the energy centers in structure of the human body. In each person there is an uncountable number of chakras. However in practice of yoga the main are used only a few. These some chakras cover all range of human life, from rough to the thin. These main chakras are as follows:

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